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A successful winery or brewery needs a high-quality label

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Wine and Beers labels
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Wine and Beer Labels

In a crowded market place, you only have one chance to prove to customers that your product deserves their dollar above others – that chance lies in your labelling.

At LabelShop, we currently work with numerous successful wine and beer companies and are experts in providing what your business wants at extremely affordable pricing.

As a business built around excellent service, we are committed to providing your business with a label that encompasses every nuance of your business, brand and product, with a one-point contact system that makes the process easy for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. This is where we are at our best. Our digital platforms are designed to meet these requirements.

Yes. Depending on your specific application requirements we will ensure that our stocks and labels are fit for purpose and in use for as long as you need them to be.

Yes. We print onto a large variety of stock types including synthetics and foils. Make sure you tell our team what your labels are going onto and we will make sure they work exactly as you need them to.

There are no charges for new artwork supplied ie no film or plate or make ready charges. If we are doing the art work changes we may charge depending on the time it takes. Our standard studio charges are $80 per hour. For minor text changes we will often make these at no charge to you.

Yes. The digital print technology gives us the ability to process jobs far faster than conventional processes. We pride ourselves on our ability to turn jobs around before the customer expects to receive them!

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